Think Outside the Box!



AdminSuite is a complete intranet and extranet building and management tool for website managers that can be set up easily and which enables multiple intranet and extranet views to your website applications.

Using AdminSuite, website managers can add roles to their extranet or intranet. Associated with a role are suites of website applications. Website managers can add logins to the admin interface and assign roles to users, so that they may have access to specific regions of the website. Users can have multiple roles, so site managers can tailor their intranets and extranets to a fine degree.

The extensibility of AdminSuite makes adding new tools and roles easy! With customized toolkits, anyone in your organization can take part in website management tasks, putting control over your website into the hands of the people who need it most....your team!

And as you add customized tools to your extranet you will continually keep your business to business partners coming back to your site for more!

Simply put, our clients love this software!