Think Outside the Box!
Products Want something better than a boxed solution?

Custom Interactive has the answer! Boxed software often comes with a rich set of features, but the feature set has been established to satisfy the lowest common denominator. Therefore, boxed software will never do exactly what you want it to, and will be loaded with stuff you don't need! The cost of customized solutions is often prohibitive for many customers, and so it is common to see critical applications crippled due to bad investments in boxed software.

Custom Interactive creates site and applications building tools. Rather than build static, bloated software solutions, Custom Interactive creates software frameworks. Our frameworks are extensible, meaning they can easily be customized to suit your specific needs. This way your software can grow and change as your needs do.

Custom Interactive provides expert consultants for installation and customization of our products. This enables us to build sophisticated, custom applications for our clients at a fraction of the cost of other contractors.

At Custom Interactive, we value our clients! We are not a company looking to sell millions of copies of our software while servicing our clients with poorly paid customer service reps! Custom Interactive is proud of its customers, and offers maintenance contracts which qualify our customers to receive software discounts and expert technical and administrative support at reduced prices.

When only the finest will do, Custom Interactive is there. We take care of you! Take a look at our products.